HandmadeBeadedEarrings.com is the dream of an aspiring jewelry designer…

I started designing jewelry for myself years ago, when I realized that I could probably make a pair of earrings for myself for less than I could purchase them at a local retailer.  I went shopping, bought some supplies, and my obsession began.

Beading and creating jewelry became my own personal form of therapy during some stressful times in my life.  First, I mastered earrings.  Then, bracelets and necklaces.  I’ve even made cell phone charms.  My love of small shiny bits of glass has turned into a passion.  I have made numerous pieces throughout the years for myself, and for friends and family as gifts.  Then, one friend asked me, “Why don’t you sell the pieces you make?”

So, HandmadeBeadedEarrings.com was born.  Welcome to my website, and please feel free to challenge me with any custom request you can think of.  I love a challenge!

Once again, thank you for viewing my website, and I welcome your comments and questions.  I hope to start a blog soon, which will include basic beading information, simple project instructions, and any random musings that may strike me.  Please check back often for new items!

Happy beading!

Email:  info@handmadebeadedearrings.com

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